Sea Buckthorn with Elderflower and Linden

Sea Buckthorn with Elderflower and Linden

Herbal tea portioned


Herbal tea for everyday use.

Sea buckthorn supports natural defences and immunity.
It supports normal digestion.
It contributes to the good condition of the skin.
Elderflower and Elderberry contribute to the excretion of water from the organism. 
Elderberry supports natural defences and the immune system.
Linden promotes relaxation and falling asleep.


  • Sea buckthorn, fruit (Hippophae rhamnoides) (35 %)
  • elderflower (Sambuci nigra) (30 %)
  • lemon verbena, leaf (Aloysia citriodora)
  • rosehip shell (Rosa canina sp.)
  • linden flower (Tilia cordata,Tilia platyphyllos) (10 %)
  • ginger root (Zingiber officinale)


Pour boiling water (0.2 l) over a tea bag (1.5 g) and leave it to infuse for 8 min in a covered cup. Do not boil. Prepare immediately before use.


20 x 1.5 g



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